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It's not your dads A/V equipment anymore.

Throughout the decades of Audio Visual advancements there have been huge strides in both industries. Mics have improved as well as projectors and led walls. The latter seems to be the preferred choice of many (Cons) conferences and exhibits whether indoor or outdoors, LED walls have taken over.

LED has staked its claim and has done very well, from concerts to Mega churches to football stadiums, LED walls are the go to product line for cool visual effects. Microphones have made plenty of improvements as well in the field of digital mics linked to sound cards and laptops for amazing audio effects. Keep in mind whatever the preference for your event, pricing has gone up as well because of the improved technology.

When you pay top dollar for top of the line mics, projectors or LED screens, you most always get a memorable event, the visuals leave your clients amazed and the sound is just outrageously amazing. What ever your choice is in this day and age, the A/V aspect has improved so much that most reputable A/V companies will truly deliver to your crowd. At Majestic we strive to go beyond your expectations.

-Art, Majestic A/V

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